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Tiffani Stutzman Design™ provides interior decorating services including residential design, furnishings, and décor for home interiors.  

We specialize in creating functional, elegant spaces for busy lives.  ​​

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​Client Testimonials

"When we hired Tiffani to decorate our home, we were not sure what to expect. We had never hired a decorator before but it was a wonderful experience. Tiffani was enthusiastic and very easy to work with. We met with her and discussed our likes and dislikes, and she took it from there. We loved the fact that she did all the shopping and provided us the opportunity to see the items in our home.  If we did not like something, she would listen to our comments, return the item and bring back something that we did like.  If we were not sure of an item, she would leave the item with us so we could decide if we liked it or not.  Once she started to incorporate different colors and furniture, it all came together and looked beautiful! She understood that it was about what we liked and never tried to force us to buy something we did not like. She worked very hard and she really wanted us to love it and we do! We have received many compliments on our home, it is warm and inviting. 
Thank you Tiffani for such a wonderful experience!"
- Terry & Sheryl P.

"I hired Tiffani after finding her online. She was very responsive to my inquiry and got back to me the same day. She came over to my house for our initial meeting. We did a walk through of the entire house and we talked about what areas I wanted to focus on and needed help with. She took notes and then wrote up a report and sent it over to me before lunch the next day. I loved her ideas and I will use Tiffani again in the near future."

- Natalie C.