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Tiffani grew up in Texas and loves southern style!  Tiffani holds an accounting degree from The University of Texas at Austin and spent the first part of her career in accounting and finance roles.  She supervised the tracking of multi-million dollar construction projects for a Fortune 500 grocery retailer, so your budget will be in good hands!  When she and her husband relocated to Louisiana, she took that opportunity to pursue her lifelong passion for creating beautiful interiors.  After some formal training, including a Certification in Interior Decorating, and lots of self-directed learning, Tiffani Stutzman Design™ was born.  Tiffani’s work has been featured on,, and in various other publications.  Tiffani received Best of Houzz service award in 2017, has been named one of Thumbtack's best interior designers in Baton Rouge for 2016, and is a member of the Sherwin-Williams Advisory Panel.  She also understands the importance of giving back to the community and has served on a variety of boards and committees for non-profit organizations.

If you’re looking for someone to transform your home into a luxurious, yet livable space, please contact Tiffani Stutzman Design™ here.

Home Interior Design

Tiffani Robertson Stutzman

​​​Decorating your home can be fun!  But what starts off as an exciting project can quickly spiral into a disaster that leaves you feeling overwhelmed…
  • How can I select a paint color that will look good on my walls?
  • Why can’t I make my old furniture look right in my new home?
  • I spend each weekend looking at furniture that looks great in showrooms, but how do I know it will look good in my home?
  • I have an outdated bathroom, but I don’t know how to go about finding a trustworthy contractor or designing a new bath. 
  • I bought a new home, but have rooms that are empty or unfinished.  I am extremely busy and don’t have time to find furniture and accessories for all the rooms.
  • I want my home to look like the pictures I see in design magazines, but I have young kids.  How can I create that calming, luxurious look with a house full of toys and clutter?

We deal with these issues every day and specialize in creating comfortable, functional, elegant spaces for busy professionals and families.  It’s our job to ensure your rooms will be livable, yet beautiful!

Tiffani Stutzman is both an interior decorator and a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  This unique combination ensures you will get creative solutions to your design problems in an organized, structured manner.  See our services page to get a better understanding of the detailed process we use for design projects.